the quiet while ep now available.

  1. the quiet while

  2. tender

  3. red tug

  4. a world perhaps

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press for the quiet while:

“ruth takes an unorthodox approach to her craft, fashioning plainly recorded songs out of a kind of free flow of finger picking and poetic verse (as opposed to a more traditional verse/chorus/verse approach). the lack of artifice conveys honestly and directness – ruth’s sentiments feel like they’ve been stripped down to their barest elements and the result is an extremely intimate listening experience. 

the quiet while’s minimalist production also lends to a similar effect. there is little to no studio gloss applied. in more austere music that might come across as stark but ruth fills out her tunes with layers of instrumentation and vocals, to a point where the overall affect is a rich and dreamy sound.”

jon at the reviler

“there is something to be said about raw and experimental music. it can have more energy and emotion. greta ruth’s debut EP the quiet while seems to embody this. recorded all at one time, no overdubs or edits which suits the music well.”

rift magazine