vocal empowerment coaching with greta

what is vocal empowerment coaching?

vocal empowerment coaching is a holistic, intuitive, mind-body approach to voice coaching. you will explore breath and vocal technique and tackle your own personal goals for vocal growth with results that permeate into every aspect of your life.

who is vocal empowerment coaching for?

singers, speakers, and anyone interested in moving through throat chakra blocks to find their authentic voice and nurture heartfelt communication, creativity, and self-expression.

about greta as a coach…

greta is singer/songwriter and a certified vocal empowerment coach through the ariella approach. she has her BFA in music from california institute of the arts, where she studied singing, composition, guitar, music theory, ear training, experimental music, and world music. her coaching style blends her knowledge of western psychology, eastern healing modalities (including a certificate in ayurveda and continued feng shui studies), songwriting, and music from all over the globe to guide you through your own vocal journey and deepen your connection to your voice.

email greta to inquire: greta@gretaruth.com

testimonials ~

“greta is incredible! I didn't know I needed a vocal empowerment coach until I met her, and honestly didn't really know anything about it or the ariella method. as a singer, I struggled with confidence and consistency in performing. she showed me methods I can use to build confidence and find my true voice. I will forever be thankful for what she gave me, as these methods have helped me immensely in my singing. aside from her knowledge, greta is such a positive and warm soul, she made me feel comfortable right off the bat and it was easy opening up to her. it truly shows that she has a passion for empowering and supporting people. I would recommend greta to anyone who is seeking vocal empowerment, whether that be through singing, acting, or within everyday life. even though I have only known her for a short while, she has truly been a godsend to me personally, and I am forever grateful for her impact on my life.”

~ lauren c.

“greta entered my life at a time when I was struggling internally as a voice student, and she handed me an innumerable amount of tools to overcome mental blockages, balance elements pertaining to their chakras, strengthen weaker areas in my vocal technique and breath support, and approach my craft in a more loving and nurturing form. greta herself is a knowledgable vocalist and a nonjudgemental, loving being. because of those qualities, her sessions were further effective and she was able to create the safe space for me to meet eye to eye with my struggles and overcome them through an optimistic attitude. I am learning to embrace the process and have been incorporating her sage advice into my daily routine as a musician. the results have been evident: I am healthier, happier, and hopeful. thank you so much greta for coming into my life when you did!”

~ ana f.